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    Ironworkers 712
    Shop Local 712
    When the Industry wants a stunning architectural design built on time with true craftsman quality within a budget, Shop Local 712 answers the call!

What We Offer

Lets look at some benefits you will receive by joining the Ironworkers:

Collective Agreement:
We will negotiate a fair contract for you the employees


Your Participation in the Canadian National Shopmen's Pension Fund

Workers Compensation:
We offer you assistance and representation at all Worker's Compensation Appeal Hearings. We have a good success rate at having unfairly denied claims overturned

Welding Ticket:
We are certified with The Canadian Welding Bureau, allowing you access to be tested, or upgrade your welding tickets

Fair Treatment:
You will be treated fairly, the seniority principle cuts down on favoritism.

Free legal advice:

You  will have an opportunity to seek legal advice from the Union Legal Counsel. Available upon request.

Shopmen's Local Union #712 is a democratically operated union with elected officers, and in-shop committees

Job Placement:
Shopmen's Local Union #712 operates a Registered Union Hiring Hall. We will place laid off workers in our other shops

Meeting Hall:

We hold general membership meetings every third Saturday of the month. Our hall can be used for meetings, conferences, etc.

These are just some of the many reasons for you to join the Iron Workers Shop Local Union #712.

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